Pat Kirby Coaching Services | Disclaimer
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Disclaimer (specific to the provision of coaching)

The success of all my coaching is entirely dependent upon you as the client, and all of my services come ‘as is’ with no warranties – implied or express – of any kind. Only by completing the agreed work and executing your plans can you expect positive results. Pat Kirby Coaching Services cannot be held responsible for any consequences of any actions taken by you following a session, sessions or programme of coaching. Equally, Pat Kirby Coaching Services cannot be held responsible for any outcomes that are a result of undisclosed information on your part or by you taking actions that contradict advice given to you by other sources.

I have no medical, psychiatric, legal or financial training or expertise, and at no time will I, nor do I, claim to supersede any advice given by: a doctor or any other qualified medical practitioner; a solicitor or other legal professional; accountant or financial advisor. I am not qualified to, nor will I, provide ‘second opinions’ on any aspect of health, finance, or the law.

​It is my role to partner with you to provide ongoing support and accountability to meet your goals.