Pat Kirby Coaching Services | Business
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Executive Coaching

For senior managers who are making complex decisions with a wide of impact on their organisation or industry. The focus is usually organisational performance or development, and staff and stakeholder management, but it may also serve a personal component as well by offering a neutral and confidential sounding board.

Career Coaching

For managers at all levels. I particularly enjoy working with new, or newly promoted, managers who are finding their feet in their new role and experiencing some level of change in their career . The focus is often on managing a team and developing new skills for the current role, but it may involve looking ahead to their next position.

Coach Coaching

Every professional coach needs a coach of their own: why wouldn’t we want to benefit from the very service we provide to others? Happy to work with employed or freelance coaches; especially those who are newly qualified or established, and still honing their craft.  This doesn’t replace supervision, but does help coaches to develop themselves; not just their clients.

Reflective Practice

Particularly useful for front line welfare professionals, the act of reflection is a great way to improve the quality of care given and close the gap between theory and practice. Whether in a 1:1 or group environment, I can help individuals or teams to grow in confidence and become a more proactive and qualified professionals.


Facilitate Meetings

I will guide the group through a plan, or agenda, to help them reach their objectives. My key responsibility is to generate conditions in which the group can flourish, and reach a successful decision, solution or conclusion. I encourage participation and buy-in by creating an atmosphere in which creativity, problem-solving and collaboration is supported.

Action Learning Sets

I offer a continuous, facilitated, process of learning and reflection, supported by colleagues or peers, with the express intention of achieving something specific, e.g.: a shared goal (e.g. a project), where members come together to voice their problems, or a common goal (e.g. a weight loss group) with individuals seeking the same, yet personal, outcome. ​

HR Consultancy

When you are working in a fast-paced change environment… when you need more than guidance, encouragement and reflection… when being told how to do something isn’t enough… when you need the job done but don’t have the time or skills available…

I’ll input to, and facilitate, the creation of new strategies. I’ll step in when you need someone to manage a HR project. This might involve taking on tasks as well as overseeing their completion by others.
I’ll revive your HR documentation – including:
  • policies and procedures
  • staff handbooks
  • consultation documents
  • business cases.
Having created all the substance, I can add some style.
I’ll review your website copy and match it to your organisation’s policy content, branding and design.
To book a session or to learn more please contact me.