Pat Kirby Coaching Services | About Me
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About Me


I spent over 35 years in the public and charity sectors, working at all levels of management.  During this time, I experienced coaching and mentoring from both directions.  I know the difference, and the importance of distinguishing between them.

A long history in learning & development and employee engagement, coupled with an academic understanding of psychology, underpin my ability to draw out the viewpoints of others and looking for ways to unlock barriers to understanding.

Working in large organisations, it was as important to express myself clearly through the written word as well as the spoken, so that all the people I supported received clear and consistent messaging.

Career Experience

My years in the workforce saw more than 20 spent in Learning & Development and Human Resources, with the latter focusing on project management and employee engagement.  I love to write and proofread, and utilised this skill in my course writing, report writing and during my time as engagement & internal communications lead.


Personal Experience

During my 50+ years I’ve clearly experienced a lot!  In terms of my life coaching, the biggest influences have been a lifelong fascination with nutrition and how to use this to help people adopt the most appropriate eating plans.  A Type 2 diabetic, I am passionate about helping people to confront the illness head on and develop their own way of defeating the condition rather than letting it defeat them.

Mission, Vision & Values

My mission is to provide results-driven, down-to-earth coaching and training to those who need it, at an affordable price.

My vision is to see everyone being offered coaching as a matter of course – not just senior managers.

I value: loyalty, honesty, fairness, and humour – and taking personal responsibility.

I love to help:

Charities with:

  • Executive and career coaching
  • Group work and facilitation
  • Soft skills training
  • HR document writing

Private clients with:

  • Life coaching: a posh way of saying I’ll help people hit their goals
  • Beating Type 2 Diabetes into submission
  • Job seeking – especially those who don’t know where to start

So, what can I do for you?  Let’s see…

Coaching is my first love. I keep quiet and listen, and my clients get to work out their next steps in a safe environment where they’re in control. But, I’ll challenge and encourage them, and I’ll ask: “What’s next?” – it’s not about off-loading, but about getting things done. I’ll help them plan so that they can get where they want to go.

Executive – Career – Type 2 Diabetes – Job Seekers

I’ve been a professional trainer for decades. I’ve worked at the front line in the public and charity sectors, so I believe in uncomplicated lessons that students can put straight into action.

Soft Skills – Time Management – Performance Management

Small groups are brilliant! It’s great to see people work together through choice rather than necessity. I let loose people to voice their issues, ideas, anger or excitement – all in a safe and confidential space.

Group work – Action Learning – Reflective Practice – Mediation

I’ve seen so many ideas fail because the front line or the customer doesn’t understand what’s changed. I’m excited by producing clear, short and helpful documents that get the message across.

Policies & Procedures – Handbooks – Leaflets – Reports – Business Cases – Letters

For organisations that need more than some short term assistance, I offer full project management and consultancy services.  Whether it’s planning a merger or restructuring teams, I can manage both the scheduling and the engagement.

Project Management – HR Consultancy


Based in Woking, Surrey, I am happy to travel – by train – for half or full day sessions of training delivery and group facilitation.

I do most of my coaching via video call.  I usually work from my home office, although I am happy to meet up with clients whenever needed.

Qualifications and credentials

Clients I’ve worked with

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