Pat Kirby Coaching Services | Plan - Act - Achieve
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Here’s how I’ll help you achieve your goals

more quickly and efficiently than if you go it alone.

Let’s connect on social media – visit my LinkedIn page

Why come to me?

Yes, I listen.  I’m empathetic.  I’ve banked decades as a HR professional.  I’ve spent over 50 years on this planet.

But none of that guarantees a productive coaching experience.

You need purpose, direction and clarity.  You need to make a plan, act on it, and achieve your goals.

I am a Coach, a Trainer, a Facilitator, and a HR Consultant.

I help business people and teams work better, especially in times of change.

I coach managers and leaders through business and personal transition.

I manage successful HR projects from conception to implementation.

I create business copy that people can understand and want to read.

On the home front, I guide private clients, as they rethink the direction of their career or general path in life.

For those with Type 2 Diabetes, we explore how to manage – and even reverse – the causes and symptoms.

Regardless of why you hire me, we’ll always focus on:

Identifying goals | Objective setting | Action planning |

Execution | Achieving results

If that’s the sort of assistance you need, then we’re on the same page.

Let’s connect on social media – visit my Facebook Page